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On June 24th I have a show at the Cologne Festival C/O Pop. My show is at the brilliant venue Stadtgarten. I played 3 shows at Stadtgarten last year and can’t wait to be back in Köln.

Other summer festival dates will be published shortly.

2 Responses to “Performance at the ‘C/O Pop Festival’”

  1. Kirsten

    It was a brilliant act to start of into a really interesting concert night in Cologne. Thank you for that and don’t worry, we did understand your Austrian German and it sounded nice actually!
    Also, I enjoyed your little story about camping with your lady up in the mountains at 0°C!

    All the best

  2. Lina

    …and I missed that. I would have loved to see you again. This is stupid.

    By the way, I am certain you hear that a lot, but keep on doing what you are doing, since it makes people feel and as long as people can feel, the world is not such a terrible place. I saw you perform in Bremen on Tuesday March, 16th 2010. It was something good finally happening after some rough days. It is funny how music can make me remember smells and tiny little details. And that is exactly what happened that night. After one months of weird and mean work at my internship, I started recognizing things and feeling again that night. Which is something I do not want to lose in my life.

    Takk fyrir.

    (Und ich hätte das auch auf Deutsch schreiben können.)

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