36-year-old Icelandic singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Helgi Jonsson is soon ready to deliver his 4th full-length album, with videos and artwork, planning to release end of March ‘17. The album titled ’Sternum’ is a dynamic mix of Helgi’s energetic querkiness, heaven- seeking vocal arrangements and skilled playing on a variety of instruments – from piano, guitars and banjo to the instrument he was clasically trained to master: the trombone.

Helgi is already scheduled to tour in Germany and Denmark following the release, starting in Hamburg’s Thalia Theater and set to play at the prestigious Danish Festival, Northside. His wife, Tina Dico, herself a known solo artist, plays in his band. Helgi is currently looking for a label to release ‘Sternum’. A label that will work closely with Helgi and Tina to further grow his name organically and with great integrity.

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