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And a very good day to you too.

About a year ago I wrote a little ringtone for the peoples fancyphones. After getting numerous requests of turning my songs into ringtones, in idea that I find rather strange, I decided it was much better to write these micro musics.

Last summer I was walking downtown Copenhagen and heard someones phone ringing, the sound so familiar. That was a funny feeling. A total stranger using my little Helgitone. That’s when I decided I had to write another one.

And that’s what I did last night.

Download the new Helgitone here


2 Responses to “Helgitone™ 2 Released here for FREE”

  1. Lothar

    Hi Helgi, can´t reach the server for your beautiful helgitone for iphone. What´s the problem. I´m shure, you already know about this. Thanks for your answer

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