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I’m just gonna write a bit of what’s been/will be happening to me.

I just finished a very successful tour in Germany and Switzerland with Tina Dico. 12 shows in 13 days. Really lovely tour and proper venues and audiences. Mostly sold out shows and a lot of excitement in the air, also regarding future plans. Playing my music to Germany has turned out to be SO ENJOYABLE. I want to do more of that. And I will. In three weeks.

Yesterday I flew from Zurich via Mallorca to Santiago de Compostela. Such a beautiful place. Took a crazy cab ride to a city called Vigo; the taxi driver was blasting Genesis, and drove like a 160 km/h. No Inglés. Porgé?

I met up with my friends of the Bedroom Community; we will be touring together for the next 10 days or so. On a proper nightliner. It’s a great change from the Hotel, drive all day, soundcheck, show, go to sleep, wake up, drive all day… kinda tours I’ve been doing.

Bedroom Community is an Icelandic Label (and a pool of international artists and collaborators), founded by Icelandic producer/musician Valgeir Sigurðsson. Slowly and surely growing community of people, but mainly evolving around Valgeir, Ben Frost, Nico Muhly and Sam Amidon and their diverse projects.

I’m very fortunate to have become a part of this community over the last few years, playing on their records and performing the music on stage.

The show last in Vigo night was fantastic. Great experience. We have a sold out show in Lissabon tonight.

I’m thinking a lot about this new project these days, that I want to start with the help of good new friends in London and YOU GUYS!! I will tell you about this very soon. But as a hint: it has to do with my next album. Are you OBSESSED WITH IT??

Hope everyone is good. Best from Portugal *hh

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  1. Pete

    what can we/I do to help?

    Bedroom Community tour sounds great, though it really should come state side. We just had the 802 tour (Sam, Nico & Thomas) which was great, but would be amazing to have yourself, Ben and Valgeir 🙂 (hint hint)

  2. Helgi Hrafn

    That’s a good point Pete, I really we can tour the US with Bedcom, what a great group of people.

    Best from Copenhagen, oh, and you have something on the way over the ocean for you.


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